USB-REL16 Module

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Yamutec 16 Kanal USB Relais Karte

SKU.: 9395854

Technical information

Supply voltageExternal 7V to 24V DC via standard screw-type terminal or USB. Setup via jumper.
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Control LEDsSupply voltage 5V
Interface activity
Timout disconnect for output channels
I/O activity
Error status
Relays16 channel relays output
Galvanically isolated
Max. switching voltage: 30V AC / 30V DC
Max. switching current: 0.5A AC / 0.5A DC
Max. transportation current: 1A AC / 1A DC
Max. switching power: 10W
Switching time: < 1 ms
Timeout functionCustomizable timeout protection if there is no connection to the module e.g. in case of a software crash on the computer system.
100% mismating protection
to encode the modules cut the code notches
Size105 mm x 105 mm x 74.5 mm (L x W x H)
Weight383 g


User manualGerman
Software exampleVB.NET, C#, C++ / requires Windows 7/8/10
Without installation
APIDevelopment tool (Dynamic Link Library)
OutputsSIP 1 Form A – 10 W molded dry reed relays

16 channel USB relay module with timeout protection

This Yamutec® USB relay module has 16 channels for a maximum switching current of 0.5A / 10W. We combined all of the 16 reed relays with a multi connection system which provides a 100% protection of mismating. To encode the connectors you only have to cut the coding notches.

It is very important for us that we design our modules with the industrial standards in mind. Our 16 channel USB relay module is made in Germany and complies with the European standards EMC, CE and RoHS. Therefore our 16 channel USB relay modules are suitable for industrial use cases and the installation in the private sector.

Via on-board control LEDs you can monitor the activity and status of all relays on the board. We made it very easy to install our modules on DIN rails or at walls. Especially in in the hostile environment of facilities and factories is a good protection of the sensible electronics vital. Our modules have an aluminium casing, which covers all sensible parts.

Use more then one 16 channel USB relay module in the same system
You can use up to 7 USB relay modules together in one load system. To provide an identification you can use the on-board coding switch.

USB modules with Plug and Play
Our 16 channel USB relay module is made for fast and easy installation. The installation of drivers is not necessary through the Human Interface Device. Furthermore provides the HID a fast and very reliable communication between your computer system and our module.

Integrated timeout protection
The timeout provides a protection at the output of our 16 channel USB relay module which opens automatically all relays. This is the case if there is a communication failure between our module and your computer system or if the software has a bug. For example, your control system has a computer crash. The relays on our module will open after the preset time period and cut the load circuit. This protects your system from material damage on components and injuries on employees. You can choose the time period in seconds-steps.

If your use case needs a higher switching power you can have a look at our 16 channel module with 8 x 90W and 8 x 10W relays.

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