USB-REL4-8A Module

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SKU.: 5218729

Technical information

Supply voltageExternal 5V DC
USB power supply
Internal 5V
Max. current 200mA at 5V/DC (4 relays active)
Control LEDsInterface activity
Output level
Output4 relay channels
Galvanically isolated
Max. switching voltage: 36V AC / 24V DC
Max. switching current: 8A AC / 8A DC
Switching time: < 1 ms
ConnectorStandard screw-type terminal
Connection cross-section: 0,32 … 3,3 mm² (22 … 12 AWG)
Screw: M2,5 nickel-plated steel
Torque: 0,4 Nm
Dimension72 mm x 76 mm x 16 mm (L x W x H)
Weight71 g


User manualGerman
Software exampleVB.NET, C#, /  requires Windows 7/8/10
APIDevelopment tool (Dynamic Link Library)
OutputsPower Relay 1 POLE-8A Medium Load Control

4 Channel USB Relay Module

USB relay module with Plug & Play technology
Our Yamtuec® USB_REL4_8A module with 4 channels switches loads up to 8A. Thanks to the Human Interface Device a driver installation is not necessary. You can plug the module with the included USB cable in your system and start working. The USB connection allows a stable, fast and reliable connection between our 4 channel USB relay module and your computer.

Software Development for the 4 channel USB relay module
With the included YMLib.dll API it is fast and easy to write your own software for our modules. The API supports all common programming languages like C++, LabView or Python and has a self-explaining syntax. Here you can see a code snippet in VB. net which shows an automatic hardware recognition through the computer and an on/off switch for the relays.

Protected Overrides Sub WndProc(ByRef m As Message)
‘automatic hardware recognition through the computer system.  

   If m.Msg = YMcom.Get_WM_DEVICECHANGE() Then 

     Label1.Text = YMcom.OnDeviceChangeMain(m).ToString               

   End If

 Catch ex As Exception
     MsgBox(ex.Message, ex.Source, MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error)
 End Try
End Sub

‘SendByte1 = 1 = relay on / SendByte1 = 0 =
relay off
Private Sub Button2_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button2_Click
   YMcom.SEND_COMMAND_TO_DEVICE(SendByte1, SendByte2, SendByte3, SendByte4)
End Sub

Included with the shipping
USB-REL4_8A relay module

Recommended supplies
Din rail casing  (SKU.: 1877802)

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