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Yamutec was founded in 2017. The goal was clear: quality that pays off for the customer. Our values were based on the demands of our target groups. In order to meet your wishes, we have always developed our hardware and software with quality in mind, which always requires a lot of effort and motivates us to respond to individual needs. Today we meet industry standards through our experience and have grown as a team with more than 4 employees. Our professional trust comes from all the projects we have successfully implemented over the years. Our flexibility and ability to learn new technologies makes us confident that we can continue to provide reliable solutions.

We are young enough to be dynamic and resilient and to face new challenges. We are old enough to have not only the necessary assertiveness but also the necessary professional experience to be able to solve all of our customers' problems, no matter how complex. And we are big enough to have the full range of services in the areas of consulting, software development and hardware development. And we are small enough to be a flexible and individually advising contact for our customers.


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About Yamutec®

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of hardware and software development for remote controls and remote monitoring, we stand for cost efficiency, reliability and environmental awareness.

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