USB modules

USB modules with 4 to 64 inputs and outputs

Plug & Play technology, without software installation

Powerful I/O modules with
USB 2.0 control

The on board print relays our modules can switch up to 3A or 90W. We offer you switches with 4 to 64 channels with a maximum switching voltage of 36V AC or 30V DC. An additionally multi connection system provides a 100% security for mismating. To encode your module you have to cut the code notches as figured in the manual. To have a read on the activity of every USB relay module you can have a look at the on board control LEDs.

Our Yamutec® USB modules are designed for measuring voltages, monitoring and control activities. The average use case is the control and monitoring of production processes. Furthermore laboratories and facilities with a high demand of constant environmental parameters are relying on our technology. For a fast and easy installation our USB relay modules are provided with Plug & Play. Furthermore you can easy write your own software with our YMLip-API in VB6, VB.NET, C# or C++ .

Product overview


USB relay modules

About the product details:

4 relay modules

USB REL4_8A Look at the details

16 relay modules

USB REL16 Look at the details
USB REL16_3A Look at the details
USB REL16_3A10W Look at the details

32 relay modules

USB REL32 Look at the details
USB REL32_3A Look at the details
USB REL32_3A10W Look at the details

64 relay modules

USB REL64 Look at the details
USB REL64_3A Look at the details
USB REL64_3A10W Look at the details


USB optocoupler modules

About the product details:

16 opto modules

32 opto modules

64 opto modules


USB hybrid modules

About the product details:

8 hybrid modules

USB HYBRID 8 Look at the details
USB HYBRID 8_3A Look at the details

16 hybrid modules

USB HYBRID 16 Look at the details
USB HYBRID 16_3A Look at the details

32 hybrid modules

USB HYBRID 32 Look at the details
USB HYBRID 32_3A Look at the details

Product feature

  • On-board coding switch for internal identification when using up to 7 modules at the same time

  • Plug and play technology

  • Timeout function can be individually configured

  • without driver installation

  • Robust aluminum housing – suitable for DIN rail and wall mounting

  • Galvanic isolation of inputs and outputs

  • The modules meet the EMC and RoHS standards

  • Control LEDs


USB relay and input cards with Plug and Play technology

Thanks to the Human Interface Device (HID) process, our USB modules do not require any driver installation. Simply plug it in and you're ready to go. In addition, communication is more reliable and faster compared to standard modules. The plug and play technology of our Yamutec® cards saves you time as there is no need for time-consuming driver installation.

Timeout function – Protects your load system in the event of a control PC failure

We have in ours USB output modules and in the USB input modules a timeout function integrated. This is an input/output protection that automatically opens the relays of the Yamutec® module if communication with the control PC is lost. This can happen, for example, in the event of a software error or a system crash. For more flexibility, you can specify the period after which the timeout function should take effect. Set your desired timeout period in second increments.

Easily combine several USB modules

Would you like to combine several USB relay cards or USB optomodules in your application? Our Yamutec® modules make your work easier. You can assign an internal identification number to each USB card using the on-board coding switch.

Additional protection via optocoupler

The built-in optocoupler ensures galvanic isolation of the inputs. This means your control PC will not be damaged in the event of overvoltage or incorrect polarity.

About Yamutec®

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of hardware and software development for remote controls and remote monitoring, we stand for cost efficiency, reliability and environmental awareness.

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