Ethernet modules

Powerful remote I/O modules with Ethernet (TCP/IP) control

Perfect for laboratory and industrial applications

Ethernet modules with 4 to 64 inputs and outputs – relay cards, optocouplers and hybrid modules

Our Yamutec® Ethernet modules are designed for signal amplification and multiplication in industrial applications. That is why they are often found in the control of production processes and are also frequently used in laboratories. Other areas of application are building surveillance using alarm systems, environmental monitoring and use in wind turbines.

A big advantage of our relay cards and optocoupler modules is the monitoring and operation via the Yamutec I/O Remote app from anywhere in the world. You can control and switch each module individually and view its status. We have also developed our own API for easy software development. The YMLib API allows you to customize our Ethernet modules via VB6, VB.NET, C# or C++ .

Product overview


ETH relay modules

About the product details:

4 & 8 relay modules

Discontinued Model
ETH-REL4_8A Look at the details
ETH-REL8_8A Look at the details

16 relay modules

ETH-REL16 Look at the details
ETH-REL16_3A Look at the details
ETH-REL16_3A10W Look at the details

32 relay modules

ETH-REL32 Look at the details
ETH-REL32_3A Look at the details
ETH-REL32_3A10W Look at the details

64 relay modules

ETH-REL64 Look at the details
ETH-REL64_3A Look at the details
ETH-REL64_3A10W Look at the details


ETH optocoupler modules

About the product details:

16 opto modules

32 opto modules

64 opto modules


ETH hybrid modules

About the product details:

8 hybrid modules

ETH HYBRID8 Look at the details
ETH-HYBRID8_3A Look at the details

16 hybrid modules

ETH HYBRID16 Look at the details
ETH-HYBRID16_3A Look at the details

32 hybrid modules

ETH HYBRID32 Look at the details
ETH-HYBRID32_3A Look at the details

Product properties

  • Encrypted communication

  • Timeout function can be individually configured

  • 10/100 Mbit Ethernet interface
    with galvanic isolation

  • Galvanic isolation of inputs and outputs

  • The modules meet the EMC and RoHS standards

  • robust aluminum housing
    Suitable for DIN rail and wall mounting


Why buy an Ethernet module?

The Ethernet modules have one of the fastest communication interfaces that are used for very high data transfer rates. The Data transfer rate of Ethernet modules is up to 100 Mbit/s. A maximum of 12 Mbit/s is possible with USB interfaces. In addition, with USB modules, the control PC must be positioned nearby, as standard USB cables only ensure clean data transfer up to a maximum length of 5 meters. Depending on the material, Ethernet cables can be up to several kilometers long. What's even better is that there is a connection option to the network and allows the Ethernet module to be controlled or monitored via the Internet.

Easily combine and cascade multiple Ethernet modules

It often happens that not just one module is used in the load system for switching or control, but several. We have our Yamutec® Ethernet modules with one unique MAC address equipped to make cascading easier for you. You can control each Ethernet module separately and use it with it unique IP, port, Submask as well as Gateway configure.

Timeout function – Protect your devices and systems in an emergency

We have in ours Ethernet relay modules and Ethernet hybrid modules implemented a timeout function. This can set individually for each channel and is a protection that automatically opens or closes the channel of the Yamutec® module. This may be necessary, for example, in the event of a software error or if the system crashes. In addition, alarm systems can be switched on using the timeout functions.

About Yamutec®

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of hardware and software development for remote controls and remote monitoring, we stand for cost efficiency, reliability and environmental awareness.

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