USB hybrid module with 8 opto inputs and 8 relay outputs for loads up to 0.5A

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USB hybrid module with 8 opto inputs and 8 relay outputs for loads up to 0.5A

Our yamutec® USB HYBRID 8 module consists of 8 optocoupler inputs and 8 relay outputs. This allows you to safely capture and convert signals into control commands for the load circuit. This makes the yamutec® USB HYBRID 8 modules ideal for automation, measurement and process technology.

The yamutec® USB hybrid module has 8 reed relays of the SIP series for the outputs that can switch loads of 0.5A or 10W. This ensures 100 percent protection against incorrect plugging integrated MULTI CONNECTION SYSTEM with ejectors. It can also be used to code the relays by cutting off the coding lugs.

At the 8 entrances of the Optocouplers were installed in the hybrid module. The semiconductors create galvanic isolation when capturing signals, which additionally protects your IT system. The optocoupler inputs work in a voltage range of 3V to 30V. Our hybrid modules are designed for industrial use for control and regulation and therefore take the EMC and RoHS been developed.

Advantages of the yamutec® USB HYBRID 8 module

The 8 optocoupler inputs of our USB module have important properties for signal acquisition. This is how it is possible high switching performance to realize and fast input pulses reliably recorded. Since there is no mechanical wear, opto inputs have one long lifetime. In addition, they provide care through their Insensitivity to shock and vibration for fewer failures in the control and regulation circuit.

Our 8 relay outputs are convincing low switching losses and one reliable separation of control and load circuit. In addition, the relays are insensitive to electromagnetic interference fields withstand short-term overloads very well.

Further functions and properties of the hybrid module

To use several identical yamutec® USB HYBRID 8 modules, you can use the Coding switch on board An identification number can be configured for each module. This means clear communication is also possible with several or up to 8 hybrid modules.

You can mount the module on the wall or on a top-hat rail using its devices. Built-in control LEDs allow activities and statuses to be read at any time.

One can be done using a software command Timeout protection function for the reed relays activate. If a communication problem occurs with the control PC, the timeout automatically opens the outputs. The time period can be set when activating.

Thanks to the Human Interface Device (HID) process, our yamutec® USB HYBRID 8 modules no driver installation for commissioning. In addition, communication is more reliable and faster compared to standard modules. With the help of Plug and play technology save Time, since the time-consuming driver installation is no longer necessary.

We also have USB 8 hybrid modules for load circuits up to 3A on offer.

Technical data

supply voltage External 7V to 24V DC (via two-pole pluggable screw terminal)
USB power supply (can be changed via jumper)
interface USB 2.0
control LEDs Internal 5V supply voltage
interface activity
Timout shutdown (only for outputs)
I/O activity
Error message
relay 8 relay outputs,
Galvanically isolated via relays
Max. switching voltage: 30V AC / 30V DC
Max. switching current: 0.5A AC / 0.5A DC
Max. transport current: 1.25A AC / 1.25A DC
Max. switching power: 10W
Switching time: < 1 ms
Timeout function Selectable timeout protection when the module is unreachable
optocoupler 8 optocoupler inputs
3V – 30V AC/DC signal voltage
Isolation voltage: 2.5KV AC for 1 minute
Maximum input current: 10mA
Universal connection for all types of conductors
Locking the plug connection
Codeable and 100 % protected against mismating by cutting off the coding lugs
Connection data Solid conductor 0.08 … 1.5 mm² / 28 … 16 AWG
Fine-wire conductor 0.08 … 1.5 mm² / 28 … 16 AWG
Fine-wire conductor; with wire end sleeve with plastic collar 0.25 ... 1 mm²
Fine-wire conductor; with wire end sleeve without plastic collar 0.25 ... 1 mm²
Stripping length 6 … 7 mm / 0.24 … 0.28 inch
Recommended accessories

A strain relief plate that can be mounted in the middle between the conductor entries facilitates the plugging and unplugging process and allows easy access to the actuation openings even when wired

102.5mm x 105mm x 74.5mm (L x W x H)


Instructions German
sample software, C# and Python / Requirement: Windows 7/8/10 or Linux
without installation
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