Yamutec® USB optocoupler with 32 inputs

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Yamutec® USB optocoupler with 32 inputs

Capture signals from up to 32 sources safely and at high speed with our yamutec® USB optocoupler module. Through the galvanic isolation of the signal circuit from the control circuit, you perfectly protect your computer system and personnel. Optocoupler modules are therefore very suitable for medical technology to protect patients from overvoltages. The 32 optocoupler inputs work in a voltage range of 3V to 30V. In addition, our modules take into account the standards and regulations EMC and RoHS. This means that the yamutec® USB 32-fold optocoupler module is also available Building automation, process and environmental technology very versatile.

Your advantages with the yamutec® USB 32-fold optocoupler module

The 32 inputs of our USB module support your system in signal acquisition with important properties. It is possible for you high switching performance to realize and fast input pulses reliably recorded over longer periods of time. The galvanic isolation also prevents mechanical wear, what a thing long service life with constant performance ensures. In addition, the galvanic isolation of the Signal and control circuits have different voltage potentials. In addition, the optocoupler protects your valuable control technology from the consequences of overvoltages. The Insensitivity to shock and vibration create more stability in the control and regulation loop.

Further product details about our hybrid modules

If you want to connect several yamutec® 32-way optocouplers with USB ports of the same series, it is possible using the Coding switch on board Specify an identification number for each individual optocoupler module. Recesses in the aluminum housing are provided for mounting the module. You can mount the USB module either on a wall or on a top-hat rail. Built-in control LEDs inform you about the status of the 16 entrances.

In addition, they have yamutec® USB optocoupler modules with 32 inputs about the Human Interface Device (HID) procedure and do not require driver installation. This enables more reliable and faster communication compared to standard modules. You save time with the help of Plug and Play technology.

Where can our optocouplers be used?

Due to the product features described above, our optocouplers are suitable for the following purposes:

  • for medical and safety technology to ensure surge protection
  • when controlling circuit parts that have different voltage potentials - for example interface and network cards
  • to comply with standards in the field of high-speed communication
  • Automation and safety technology with high switching times and fast information transmission

Technical data

supply voltage External 7V to 24V DC (via two-pole pluggable screw terminal)
USB power supply (can be changed via jumper)
interface USB 2.0
control LEDs Internal 5V supply voltage
interface activity
I/O activity
Error message
optocoupler 32 optocoupler inputs
3V – 30V AC/DC signal voltage
Isolation voltage: 2.5KV AC for 1 minute
Maximum input current: 10mA
Universal connection for all types of conductors
Locking the plug connection
Codeable and 100 % protected against mismating by cutting off the coding lugs
Connection data Solid conductor 0.08 … 1.5 mm² / 28 … 16 AWG
Fine-wire conductor 0.08 … 1.5 mm² / 28 … 16 AWG
Fine-wire conductor; with wire end sleeve with plastic collar 0.25 ... 1 mm²
Fine-wire conductor; with wire end sleeve without plastic collar 0.25 ... 1 mm²
Stripping length 6 … 7 mm / 0.24 … 0.28 inch
Recommended accessories

A strain relief plate that can be mounted in the middle between the conductor entries facilitates the plugging and unplugging process and allows easy access to the actuation openings even when wired

145mm x 105mm x 74.5mm (L x W x H)


Instructions German
sample software, C# and Python / Requirement: Windows 7/8/10 or Linux
without installation
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