USB REL64 module

USB relay card with 64 outputs for use in industry and research

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Product description

General description of the USB-REL64 module
We have equipped our USB-REL64 modules with reed relays from the SIP series. These can switch loads of up to 0.5A or 10W. In addition, a multi-connection system ensures that our relay cards are 100 percent protected against mis-plugging. Code the module's plug connections by cutting off the coding lugs.

Our USB-REL64 module meets the standards for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The relay card also complies with the guidelines for the contents of electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS). Since time plays a major role in industrial use, we have installed control LEDs that allow activity to be read quickly at any time. The sturdy aluminum housing can be mounted on a wall or on a top-hat rail.

USB relay module with Plug and Play technology
Thanks to the Human Interface Device (HID) process, USB-REL64 modules do not require any driver installation. Simply plug it in and you're ready to go. In addition, communication is more reliable and faster compared to standard modules. You save time thanks to the plug and play technology of our Yamutec® USB-REL64 modules, as there is no need for time-consuming driver installation.

There is also the possibility of the output module with the combination
32 x 10W and 32 x 90W Option to order.

Multiple USB-REL64 modules in the same system
If you would like to combine several USB relay modules or USB optical modules for your application, our USB modules are the right choice for you. The Yamutec® modules can receive an internal identification number via the on-board coding switch. This means that up to 7 Yamutec® modules can be used in one system.

Timeout function
Our Yamutec® USB relay cards have an integrated timeout function. This output protection automatically opens the relays of the Yamutec® USB-REL64 module when a communication problem occurs with the control PC. This means your load system switches off automatically in the event of a software error or if the PC crashes. For more flexibility, you can determine the period after which the timeout function should take effect. You can set your desired timeout period in 100 millisecond increments.

Software implementation
The USB-REL64 modules from Yamutec® enable seamless integration into various widely used programming languages through the included YMLib.dll file. This DLL file opens up a variety of possibilities and makes programming much easier.

Technical data

Supply voltage External 7V to 24V DC via pluggable screw terminal or via USB. Setting via jumper.
interface USB 2.0
control LEDs 5V supply voltage
interface activity
Timout shutdown (only applies to the outputs)
I/O activity
Error message
Exits 64 relay outputs,
Galvanically isolated via relays
Max. switching voltage: 30V AC / 30V DC
Max. switching current: 0.5A AC / 0.5A DC
Max. transport current: 1A AC / 1A DC
Max. switching power: 10W
Switching time: < 1 ms
Timeout function Selectable timeout protection when the module is not reachable. e.g. in the event of a software crash
Universal connection for all types of conductors
Locking the plug connection
Codeable and 100 % protected against mismating by cutting off the coding lugs
Connection data Solid conductor 0.08 … 1.5 mm² / 28 … 16 AWG
Fine-wire conductor 0.08 … 1.5 mm² / 28 … 16 AWG
Fine-wire conductor; with wire end sleeve with plastic collar 0.25 ... 1 mm²
Fine-wire conductor; with wire end sleeve without plastic collar 0.25 ... 1 mm²
Stripping length 6 … 7 mm / 0.24 … 0.28 inch
dimension 253mm x 105mm x 74.5mm (L x W x H)
Weight 965g


Manual Product description
Source code examples VB6, VB.NET, C#, .NET6, LabVIEW and Python
Source code manual .NET6, python
for Linux & Windows
API developer tool YMLib.dll (64-bit | 32-bit | x86) library file for Windows
API reference guide YMLIB API References USB
Supported operating system Linux
data sheet Meder SIL reed relay

scope of delivery

module USB REL64 module
Accesories Coding lugs
Tool Operating tool
Disk CD with product description, manuals, data sheet & source code examples
Connection cable USB 2.0, A male to B male

Recommended accessories

MW HDR-60-15
Power supply
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MW HDR-60-15 DIN rail mounting single output 1-phase power: 60W, 15V, 4A can be mounted directly on the DIN rail

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Strain relief plate
for 16-pin WAGO connectors
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A strain relief plate that can be mounted in the middle between the conductor entries facilitates the plugging and unplugging process and allows easy access to the actuation openings even when wired

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