32 channel Ethernet optocoupler module

Optocoupler card with 32 inputs for larger signal transmission projects

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Your advantages with the Yamutec® 32 channel Ethernet optocoupler card

  • 100/10 Mbit Ethernet interface for connection to a network and the Internet
  • 32 optocoupler inputs that ensure reliable galvanic isolation
  • high life expectancy of the components
  • RoHS and EMC Compliant therefore perfect for industrial use
  • Aluminum housing for additional protection and easy DIN rail mounting

The 32 optocoupler inputs of our Ethernet module support your control and regulation technology in signal acquisition with these important properties. This allows you to achieve high switching performance and reliably record fast input pulses over longer periods of time. Due to the galvanic isolation, the signal and control circuits can also have different voltage potentials. The optocoupler also protects your valuable control technology from the consequences of overvoltages and common mode interference pulses. The Yamutec module is an irreplaceable component for systems and machines in production and measurement technology.

Ethernet optocoupler card for industry, security systems and research

The Ethernet input module works in a voltage range of 3V to 30V with a maximum input current of 10mA. The isolation voltage is 2.5kV AC for up to 1 minute. You can apply 7V to 24V DC as the supply voltage via the two-pole pluggable screw terminal. Since all Yamutec modules comply with EMC and RoHS standards and regulations, they are ideal for use in industrial environments. The robust aluminum housing also provides additional protection in the harsh environment of production halls.

Remote maintenance via I/O Remote App and individual timeout protection

If you want to connect several Yamutec® 32 channel optocoupler cards of the same series, they can be controlled via the individual MAC address of each module. The built-in control LEDs inform you about the status of the inputs. Alternatively, you can control any 32-channel optocoupler card with our Yamtuec I/O Remote app. You will receive information about the status and any disruptions via push notification.

In the event of malfunctions, individual timeout protection also applies to each input. This protects the sensitive control technology from overvoltage or system failure. For example, if there is a malfunction on the control PC, the optocoupler card automatically switches the states of the 32 inputs on or off.

Buy our 32 channel Ethernet optocoupler card now and reliably transmit signals. For a plug and play solution with USB, take a look at ours Yamutec USB optocoupler modules.

Technical data

supply voltage External 7V to 24V DC (via two-pole pluggable screw terminal)
USB power supply (can be changed via jumper)
interface 100/10 Mbit Ethernet (galvanically isolated)
IP address can be assigned statically or obtained via DHCP
control LEDs Internal 5V supply voltage (green LED)
Interface activity (green LED)
Timout shutdown (orange LED)
I/O activity (blue LED)
Error message (red LED)
optocoupler 32 optocoupler inputs
3V – 30V AC/DC signal voltage
Isolation voltage: 2.5KV AC for 1 minute
Maximum input current: 10mA
Timeout function Selectable timeout protection when the module is not reachable. e.g. in the event of a software crash (outputs can be individually selected)
100% protection against mismating
Can be coded by cutting off the coding lugs
Dimensions 145mm x 105mm x 74.5mm (L x W x H)
Weight 320g


Instructions German
sample software VB6, VB.NET, C#, LabView (without installation)
API developer tool  (Dynamic link library)
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