8A 8-way Ethernet relay module


8-fold Ethernet relay card with maximum switching capacity 8A

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8-fold Ethernet relay module – technical description

On the board of the Yamutec® ETH-REL8 Ethernet module are 8 power relays with a maximum switching current of 8A installed. The voltage supply for the relay card is applied via a pluggable screw terminal and is 7V to 24V. About the 10/100 Mbit Ethernet interface you can easily monitor and operate the relay card from any location in the world. In addition to the PC software, you can also use our practical Yamutec I/O Remote App for controlling Ethernet relay cards available. The app provides you with all the necessary information about the status of the module on your smartphone or tablet. You can also name and or even switch the individual I/O outputs yourself.

Ethernet relay module for security systems, industry and remote monitoring

A variety of applications can be implemented with our 8 channel Ethernet relay module. All modules are Made in Germany and developed according to RoHS and EMC. Additional protection is provided by this Aluminum or HDPE housing the relay card is guaranteed. This not only protects the electronics from the harsh environment of a production hall, but also enables easy wall and top-hat rail mounting. This makes our 8-way Ethernet relay cards ideal for this Application in production halls, machines and industrial plants.

You can easily do one via the Ethernet interface Remote maintenance and control of the relay module realize. You can manually assign an IP address for each card or obtain it via DHCP. The submask, port number and gateway can also be assigned. This makes our 8 channel relay module ideal for this Control and monitoring of security systems, e.g. for buildings with alarm systems. Thanks to a unique MAC address, the modules can also be identified very easily and multiple relay cards can be used in one system.

Protection for devices and systems through integrated timeout function

The timeout function automatically opens or closes the relays 8 channel Ethernet relay module Yamutec® ETH-REL8 This happens if communication with the control PC breaks down or a software error occurs. For example, if your control system crashes, the load circuit switches off automatically, to avoid damage to the devices. Alternatively, an output can also switch on to give a visual signal for an error message or as an alarm signal in the event of a break-in. You decide after which period of time and at which output the timeout function should take effect. Set your desired timeout period in second increments.

Technical data

supply voltage External 7V to 24V DC via plug-in screw terminal
interface 100/10 Mbit Ethernet (galvanically isolated)
IP address can be assigned statically or obtained via DHCP
control LEDs Internal 5V supply voltage (green LED)
Interface activity (green LED)
Timout shutdown (orange LED)
I/O activity (blue LED)
Error message (red LED)
relay 8 relay outputs,
Galvanically isolated via relays
Max. switching voltage: 30V AC / 24V DC
Max. switching current: 8A AC / 8A DC
Switching time: < 1 ms
Timeout function Selectable timeout protection when the module is not reachable. e.g. in the event of a software crash (outputs can be individually selected)
connector Screw terminal standard
Connection cross section: 0.32 … 3.3 mm² (22 … 12 AWG)
Screw: M2.5 steel, nickel-plated
Torque: 0.4Nm
Dimensions 145mm x 90mm x 40mm (L x W x H)
Weight 260g


Instructions German
sample software VB6, VB.NET, C#, LabView (without installation)
API developer tool  (Dynamic link library)
Exits  Power Relay 1 POLE-8A Medium Load Control
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