USB Modules

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Yamutec USB Module - Relaiskarten, Optokoppler & Hybrid Module

USB Modules with 4 to 64 channels

The on board print relays our modules can switch up to 3A or 90W. We offer you switches with 4 to 64 channels with a maximum switching voltage of 36V AC or 30V DC. An additionally multi connection system provides a 100% security for mismating. To encode your module you have to cut the code notches as figured in the manual. To have a read on the activity of every USB relay module you can have a look at the on board control LEDs .

Our Yamutec® USB modules are designed for measuring voltages, monitoring and control activities. The average use case is the control and monitoring of production processes. Furthermore laboratories and facilities with a high demand of constant environmental parameters are relying on our technology.

For a fast and easy installation our USB relay modules are provided with Plug & Play. Furthermore you can easy write your own software with our YMLip-API in VB6, VB.NET, C# or C++.

Product details:

  • Connect up to 7 USB relay modules with on board code notches for internal identification
  • Plug & Play technology
  • Timeout
  • Galvanic separation
  • Complying with EMV and RoHS

ProductsInput Output
USB-REL4 *4 * Relays30V AC, 30V DC, 0,5A
USB-REL4_8A4 * Relays36V AC, 24V DC, 8A
USB-REL8 *8 * Relays30V AC, 30V DC, 0,5A
USB-REL8_3A *8 * Relays30V AC, 30V DC, 3A
USB-REL8_3A10W *4 * Relays
4 * Relays
30V AC, 30V DC, 0,5A
30V AC, 30V DC, 3A
USB-REL1616 * Relays30V AC, 30V DC, 0,5A
USB-REL16_3A16 * Relays30V AC, 30V DC, 3A
USB-REL16_3A10W8 * Relays
8 * Relays
30V AC, 30V DC, 3A
30V AC, 30V DC, 0,5A
USB-REL3232 * Relays30V AC, 30V DC, 0,5A
USB-REL32_3A32 * Relays30V AC, 30V DC, 3A
USB-REL32_3A10W16 * Relays
16 * Relays
30V AC, 30V DC, 3A
30V AC, 30V DC, 0,5A
USB-REL6464 * Relays30V AC, 30V DC, 0,5A
USB-REL64_3A64 * Relays30V AC, 30V DC, 3A
USB-REL64_3A10W32 * Relays
32 * Relays
30V AC, 30V DC, 3A
30V AC, 30V DC, 0,5A
Products Input Output
4 * Opto-In3V – 30V
8 * Opto-In3V – 30V
USB-OPT1616 * Opto-In3V – 30V
USB-OPT3232 * Opto-In3V – 30V
USB-OPT6464 * Opto-In3V – 30V
Products Input Output
USB-HYBRID-88 * Opto-In3V – 30V8 * Relays36V DC, 0,5A, 10 Watt
USB-HYBRID-8_3A8 * Opto-In3V – 30V8 * Relays36V AC, 30V DC, 3A
USB-HYBRID-1616 * Opto-In3V – 30V16 * Relays36V DC, 0,5A, 10 Watt
USB-HYBRID-16_3A16 * Opto-In3V – 30V16 * Relays36V AC, 30V DC, 3A
USB-HYBRID-3232 * Opto-In3V – 30V32 * Relays36V DC, 0,5A, 10 Watt
USB-HYBRID-32_3A32 * Opto-In3V – 30V32 * Relays36V AC, 30V DC, 3A

* z. Z nicht lieferbar

General technical description

Our USB modules are designed for the hostile environment of factories and facilities. A solid aluminium casing provides the necessary protection. Furthermore you can install every module without any problem on DIN rails or at walls. Have a look at our categories. We provide for every module further equipment for the installation and connection to your system. For individual solutions give as a call or fire the quotation form.

Connect multiple USB relay modules just in minutes

You need for your use case a combination of modules and would like to connect them? Our Yamutec® USB relay modules and optocoupler are provided with on board encoding. You can connect up to 7 modules and give each of them a different serial number by cutting the code notches.

USB relays and input modules with Plug & Play technology

The Human Interface Device provides an easy installation without the need of a driver. Just connect our USB modules to your computer and you can start. Furthermore the communication between our module and your system is lightning fast and very reliable compared to standard devices. The Plug and Play technology saves you time in the installation process which leads to more efficiency.

Timeout function – protect your system in case of failures

Our USB modules are provided with an integrated timeout protection.This is a security shield at the in- or output of your module, which opens the relays in case of system failures. This can be the case when your computer crashes or your software has a bug. For more flexibility you can choose on your own the time delay for the timeout function.

Why choose an USB module?

USB modules are the modern alternative to RS232 interfaces. These are still very common but get more and more replaces by USB. The reason is simple. USB modules provide data transfer rates up to 12 Mbit/s, RS232 interfaces are much slower with a transfer rate of 115 kBit/s. Furthermore USB modules need much less resources – one USB-Controller. To connect a RS232 device you need to provide additionally to the controller, an E/A-address and a IRQ. Another argument for choosing an USB module is the Plug & Play technology. You see USB modules are perfect for large scale projects and a fast installation.

These are the USB modules which you can buy in our online shop

You can see in the table on top of the page our range of USB modules. We provide USB relays modules, USB opto coupler and hybrid modules with different amount of connections and maximum switching power. The modules are sorted by the amount of connections and the resilience. With a click on one module you will be forwarded to the product page. This page includes a detailed description of every module, prices and examples for software. Have a look at our range and if you have any question feel free to contact us.

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